A Little Tech Goes a Long Way


I recently observed that often people are interested in custom software solutions but they hesitate to contact Najabu because they believe they can’t afford to pay a developer or a team to do custom work. The truth is that the software creation process is expensive. It requires a lot of communication, designers, meetings, requirement gathering, deployment, legal analysis, content creation, etc. Sometimes it pays just to sit down with us to determine that you don’t need us!

Mini-Case Study

After discussing a software solution with one of my clients, Najabu provided a level of effort (rough estimation) on what it would take to build the solution to solve the problem of leads “dying” before they get contacted. During the free consultation, we spent a significant amount of time educating the client about the software development process. We began diving into the domain and the problem in order to understand how a solution could be implemented. Nate Bomberger, our founder, has 7 years in the mortage business, so the domain was already familiar to the team.

The client wanted to programmatically handle leads that came into their inbox. In a four day stretch, 107 leads came into his system that were never called. Not because he didn’t want to, but because it was logistically impossible to keep up with the lead stream and simultaneously work on closing existing deals; darn near impossible for one person to handle.

So the leads died in his inbox.

Through our discussion, the following is a run down of his perfect world solution:

  • Lead enters inbox from external source.
  • Send out a special offer to client as soon as lead enters inbox.
  • Determine interest level of lead by conversational dialogue
  • Use AI and natural language processing to process a conversation and extract information through dialog.
  • Build a mortgage application with information (assuming lead indicates interest)
  • Schedule prospects for phone appointment and put in clients calendar

Pretty straight forward. We also discussed making an minimal viable product and adding other features as we learn more about how well things are working and further integrate this into his current stack.

We felt that those leads needed to be processed now - money was being left on the table, and time was literally money in this case. By the time our custom solution would be deployed, there could be 1000s of leads that are left on the table, which means real dollars are being left on the table.

We suggested that the client set up a rule in Outlook immediately in order to give the lead a touch and send out the offer. We walked the client through setting up a rule, creating a template, and then populating the template with the special offer and a call to action. We did this in 15 minutes.

This is not magical and does not require any code or hard core tech experience. Most mail clients have a rules engine where you can automate the interaction with the email so it is easy to argue we didn’t really do much. The point is: just by sitting down with us for a consultation, we were able to show the client an easy way to accomplish 13 of the desired workflow!

Start Small

The take away is this: there are many cases where a business does not need a custom software solution, but can utilize their existing tools and create immediate value. Many times we can solve your problems using tools you already have at your disposal.

At Najabu we are looking to build long term relationships with our clients so that we can provide timely and consistent technological guidance as the world changes around us. In the previous mini-case study, without writing a single line of code, and not trying to push a product down their throat, our client left the free consultation with immediate value: a little bit of tech went a long way.


We have a strong desire to see results from your interaction with us to and we want to provide value that reflects an increase in your bottom line. As long as we are able to provide technology or consultation that produces a real return on investment, we are happy to reduce scope of a project and get a working solution before going the custom route.

Call for your free consultation. We promise to provide immediate value in our first meeting. Do it now!

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